5 Reasons You Still Need a Website in 2021

The timing of this article is relevant now than ever. During a pandemic, we’ve seen businesses turned upside down and business models pivoting to adapt. The question – “Do I need a website?” is once again answered with a huge YES. Most businesses do need a website. There are exceptions to this rule but the fact is just about every business needs a website or can benefit greatly by having one. 

Here are 5 “no fluff” reasons why you still need a website in 2021. 

1.  A website is a polished online resume you can send to customers and potential clients. 

Your website can be the perfect sales tool for you. When you have a clean, organized, well-designed website, it can do everything you need it to. Your services, information, portfolio, history can be easily accessible. You can also answer frequently asked questions with ease.  

2.  A website is another level of professionalism. 

Having a website is another way of showing how serious you are about your company. It shows you care enough to invest in your online presence. This perception goes further than you think with your customers and potential clients. 

3.  A website can be the difference between you and your competitor. 

When a potential client or customer is analyzing which company to go with, having a website can be the deciding factor. If you and your competitor are evenly matched with reviews, word of mouth, etc, the decision could come down to “Well this company has a website and this other one does not.” It’s that simple. 

4. A website can help you be found in online search results (google). 

One of the main goals of having a website is to be found when people search for your company or the services you provide. Having a website is the first step (digitally) to making sure you are found under those conditions. This reason continues to become more important every year as just about everyone searches online before doing anything else. 

5. Your competitor has one.

It’s true. The company that does the exact same thing you do, has a website. That should be motivation enough for you to have one. Not only should you also have a website, but you should have a better website than your competitors. 

Get a custom website made in 2021.

Websites have come a long way and our Ensemble Group team has the longevity and experience to implement the necessary design, tools, functionality and thought process to create the best user-friendly website that fits any business right here in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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The Ensemble Group Team