With all the social media platforms available for a company to get their message out on such as Facebook and Instagram many have started to ask if a website is still needed. The short answer is “Yes!” For many reasons which we will get into a website is still one of the main platforms in 2019 to get your message out for the world to see.

One-Man Shop vs Small Agency

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There’s a time and a place for using a one-man shop vs a small agency. Should your business or website be working with a one-man shop or a small agency? That’s a great question. It all depends on what your needs are and what your budget is. Every once in a while we receive a new client who tells us …

Does Your Business Really Need an App?

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“Do I need an app?” That is one of the questions we get asked more often than not. The answer depends on so many things. You really need to put some thought into your business, your customers and whether or not you can provide any true value with an app. The fact is, there are a ton of apps on the …

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Video Marketing in 2018

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We get these questions a lot –  Do I need video marketing? Why do I need video marketing? Here are 5 reasons we think video marketing is important ESPECIALLY in 2018. We have several clients at Ensemble Group that have definitely benefited from having a well-produced video. A video is something we highly recommend for reasons mentioned in this video. …