Behind the scenes with one of our clients – Radiology Associates, LLC.

Video production with purpose

This is a quick story showing the importance of producing a video with purpose. We’ll explain…

Don’t just make videos to make videos.

If you’ve been paying attention to any type of marketing strategy the last handful of years, you already know how important video can be. Too often, companies know they want to add video production to their marketing strategy but don’t know where to begin or what type of video to make. This leads to making the wrong type of video which ultimately leads to wasting your hard earned budget.

There are a lot of great video production companies out there. Each of them definitely have their strengths. The problem in some cases is that not all of them will guide you into making the right video that aligns with your goals.

Our client needed help with a major pivot.

Long time client – Radiology Associates, LLC contacted us about a different type of video they needed. A very important conference they often attend was shifting from in-person to online. This was a major change for them and there would be a lot of moving parts in their new strategy.

While we can’t share all the details on this project or the final video, we can share some of our strategy and what we used to create a product our client loved.

The plan

This video needed to stand out in the conference. We knew there would be a lot of people doing the same type of thing (video) at this conference they were attending. A majority of the videos out there in situations like this feel very scripted and often not very relatable to the the viewer.

Standing out by being genuine

We wanted everything in this video to feel as genuine as it possibly can. That is what ultimately connects to the viewer. We’re not saying other videos are not genuine, but the issue is that so many of them are so scripted they don’t feel genuine and often come across stiff.

So how did we make sure the conversations in the video we created felt genuine. The secret to that is in the previous sentence – “Conversation”. Our creative director worked with the client to come up with a set of questions that would provoke a thoughtful conversation centered around all the talking points that needed to come across in the video. From that conversation, we were able to pull out some really great phrases and sound bites that all flowed well together. A good director/interviewer also plays a major role in the success of this. On a side note – this is where having a great video editor can really come in handy. The video would not be anything without a good editor having the ability to flawlessly put it all together.

One happy client

In the end, we were able to produce a video that did exactly what our client needed it to do and speak directly to their targeted viewer.

While some of this may seem broad, the point of this article is to demonstrate how experience and planning play a major role in producing a video that has a purpose and reaches a goal.

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The Ensemble Group Team