A Website vs a Facebook Business Page

You should have both.

You hear and read opinions on this topic all the time. Do you need a website or a facebook page for your business? Well, in most cases, the answer is BOTH. Here’s a handful of reasons why you need both and some things to think about if you only have one or the other. 

One is user friendly while the other can be fun.

A website allows you to customize your visitor’s experience. You can organize everything the way you want to and provide an easy way for potential customers/clients to find the information they are looking for. You can also create all types of custom functionality that you can not do on a facebook business page. 

Your facebook business page is an opportunity to provide constant updates about your company. You can post articles, blogs, events, and so much more that makes more sense to be on a social media platform than a website. 

It helps people find you.

The majority of us, go straight to google and search for whatever it is we’re looking for. It is possible to come up in google search results by only having a facebook page, however, it is way more effective and beneficial to have a website too. It’s another thing that google can use to rank you higher in search results. 

Show your professional and “human” sides.

Your website allows you to create a custom and polished view of your company and everything you offer. Think of it as the perfect resume for you. This can give your visitors and potential clients a much more professional feel over a facebook page.  

Your facebook business page allows you to show the human side of your company. You to connect with your audience in a different way. On your facebook business page, you can share employees birthdays, celebrations, and all the other “behind the scenes’ posts that allow your audience to see a different side of your company. These types of posts can sometimes be all the difference someone would need to choose your company over another.

You have more control over your brand.

A website allows you to have full control over your brand. Your website can be exactly what you want it to be. Custom websites allow you to use your own photos, fonts, colors, graphics and so much more that supports a cohesive branding effort. The possibilities are almost endless.

A facebook business page is limiting on what you can change and edit. You do not have control over colors, fonts and other important branding assets. As limiting as that sounds, you still have to view a facebook business page as an “extension” of your brand. This is the extension that shows a different side of your company.

You can support multiple marketing efforts. 

A website supports your marketing efforts from google adwords and other web based search marketing. Having a website that you can post blogs to, also gives you a leg up on your competition. Those blog pages (when done correctly) register with google and ultimately help your rankings. 

A facebook business page supports your marketing efforts in a whole different way. You can run so many different types of facebook ads and engage with your audience on organic posts, however, these efforts can sometimes be wasted without the right call to action. That call to action more often than not, is visiting your website for more information and a way to contact you.

This is a much bigger discussion and these are just a few points we’re covering. 

A Facebook business page is free to create and use. There are limitations that eventually require you to put money behind posts and ads in order for more of your audience to see them. Yes, your reach can be limited, however, it is still a great resource to have for your business. 

Websites are definitely not cheap, they’re an investment. Ensemble Group has been creating custom websites and software since 2002. We know what it takes to get the most out of your website and how to properly structure it, and yes – You still need a website in 2020

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