These Are the Top 3 Questions We Get Asked.

Ensemble Group has been around for over 16 years. As a web development firm specializing in creative digital solutions, there’s been all kinds of questions we’ve received over the years. In this article, we’ll go over the top 3 and even throw in a bonus question below.

#1 – How much does a website cost?

This is without a doubt the most asked question we receive, and for good reason. We understand that people have budgets and those budgets clearly dictate who they can and cannot hire.

The short answer is…”It depends on what you need the site to do.” That may sound incredibly vague, but it makes complete sense when you think about what all is involved in a true custom website.

Compare it to the build of a house. How much does a house cost? The answer to that question depends on how big do you want the house, how many bedrooms, does it need granite, wood floors, tile, how many windows, etc.

The same can be said for a website. What should your visitors be able to do on your website? Are there a lot of individual pages that need to be developed? Are there forms or membership areas that need to exist? Will there be lots of photos, videos, etc. The list of questions go on and on but it all revolves around functionality. Most of our website projects are completely custom. That means we design and develop each page to suit your companies needs.

#2 – How long will it take?

This is another great question that actually has a more clear answer. Average website design projects with us take about 6-8 weeks to complete from start to finish. We keep you updated all along the way but there are times when we wait on content from clients to complete websites. This is completely normal in most cases. Content on a website is crucial and should be given the appropriate amount of time and attention.

Projects outside an average website with high levels of complexity take a little longer. Our proposals will show that estimated timeline.

#3 – Is your team local?

We love this question. When clients ask us this question it shows they are interested in working with local and they also care about who is actually working on their project.

Ensemble Group is 100% local. We have a team of 7 designers and developers all working in-house. In most cases, the whole team plays some role in the design and development of a new website. The great thing about Ensemble Group is that you have 7 different professionals bringing multiple areas of specialty to any given project.  

Bonus Question – Who owns the website?

This one is asked just about as much as the other three. Once the project is paid for, you are the owner of the website. That means the code, design, any images used, are all yours. The website will actually live and function on our servers but under your ownership.

All good questions

These are just 4 of the many questions we get asked but it’s important to know all questions are usually good questions. So, feel free to reach out and ask us anything about a project you want to start.

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